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“Trumped” – Donald Trump’s Contribution to the 2016 Presidential Election

From remarks which objectify women to calling Mexicans drug addicts and rapists, Mr. Trump has most certainly asserted himself in the GOP as a person who speaks his mind. Ever since he decided to run for Presidency, the media has been following every painstaking step of his campaign and reporting it to the masses. Despite the comments he has made, he has an unusually large crowd of supporters who believe in him and his ability to execute the role of President of the United States. In fact, he has brought record numbers of people to watch the Republican debates on the various news networks such as CNN, NBC, and MSNBC. Trump’s ability to speak his mind and hit the deep and buried emotions of many people has allowed him to progress substantially and possibly win the GOP nomination.

Trump’s outspoken nature has led him to want a strict immigration policy along with termination of immigration from any Middle Eastern country, including vacation, to the US. Although this may sound unjust to the principles of America, many people agree with Trump on this viewpoint. After the attacks at the San Bernardino, in which the culprits were identified as a Muslim couple, many people felt the need to attack the majority of that faith due to the presence of Al-Qaeda over the past decade and, in recent years, the uprising of ISIS in the Middle East. Another part of his immigration plan is to build a giant wall or fence along the Southern border with Mexico. The main part of this plan is to make Mexico pay for the wall while sending all illegals out the country, then allowing them to enter through the legal system. Although that may sound very far-fetched, the publicity that Trump has received has allowed other politicians to comment on his remarks and illustrate their own immigration policy. This has helped candidates reach the majority of viewers on TV and on the web, which has allowed the on-air Republican Debate to receive a massive amount of viewers which, again, has given other candidates an opportunity to present their ideologies to the masses.

Recently, the Presidential elections kicked off with the Iowa caucus. Leading in the polls, Trump was very enthusiastic and was anticipating a win in Iowa. As the voting began, both Trump and Cruz were close in the polls until towards the end, Cruz started pulling away with the eventual win. In fact, Cruz gained slightly over 3% more of the voters in Iowa than Trump did. Two days later, Trump took to Twitter and denounced Senator Cruz, stating that he conducted fraud and should be disqualified for stealing the election. This shows Trump’s personality quite clearly, as he is not able to accept second place and move onto New Hampshire in hopes of winning over the delegates of that state. It will be interesting to see how Trump will respond to questions regarding his comments on social media and how his supporters might stray away from him due to his ridiculous claims. If he continues blaming others and degrading everyone who disagrees with him, he will not only fail to win the party nominee, but his entire campaign will disintegrate until there is nothing left.


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