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“Decisions, Decisions” — The 2016 Presidential Candidates at a Glance

The New Year is officially here, and after two terms with president Barack Obama, we have arrived at another election year. It is still pretty early in the game to have official presidential candidates, but so far, each political party has two candidates leading their polls. The GOP’s two leading front men are Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, while the Democratic Party gives us Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Each candidate has many plans to make, in Trump’s words, America great; but exactly what are they offering to all American citizens? Let’s begin with the left wing, the democrats. Hillary Clinton, as we all know, is no newcomer to presidential campaigns as she ran for president back in 2008; however, issues in the United States are constantly changing and so must her priorities on the issues that she should address during her campaign. The issues that seem to be her main concern are the economy, gun violence, immigration reform, and health care. She plans to increase the minimum wage, endorse the naturalization process for those who are eligible, restrict military weapons from hitting the streets, change the tax code to make the wealthiest pay their fair share, and continue her support for the Affordable Care Act, among other matters. Her democratic opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, proposes to act on the gap within the country’s income; he wants to reduce the country’s income inequality. His other concerns are college tuition; listen up college students! He plans to make public colleges and universities tuition free, as well as lower the interest rates for student loans. Other interests are his plans to create reasonable paying jobs that our country deeply needs with his Rebuild America Act. And as for foreign policy, he encourages peaceful solutions to international disagreements, and most importantly, protection of our borders by not engaging in any wars.

Having read some of the top issues coming from the Democratic candidates, let’s move far right on the political spectrum and discuss the Republican candidates’ opinion. As controversial as presidential candidate Donald Trump tends to get, he is leading the republican nomination with 33.3 points (with much of his popularity coming from the notorious things he says during his speeches). His campaign “Making America Great Again” contains issues such as tax reform and immigration. Let’s start with his position in tax reform. He plans to increase the middle-class wages after tax and simplify the tax code to make it easier for citizens to claim their taxes as well as get more, as Trump likes to say, money in their pockets; he wants to grow the American economy by creating numerous jobs and make America globally competitive once again. Now, Trump’s immigration reform is probably one of the most debatable topics on his platform; his plan to build a wall that borders the southern U.S and make Mexico pay for it might have some negative backlash towards his campaign, but fortunately for him, his polls just keep rising. Another one of his immigration reform positions is to put American workers first; with this, he wants to put all of those unemployed Americans to work and to reduce those number of foreigners holding jobs that impede Americans from their rightful middle-class salary.

Much like Trump’s immigration policy, his opponent, Sen. Ted Cruz plans to build a wall to provide national security. His wall will include triple security surveillance and a biometric tracking system to put a stop to illegal immigration once and for all. For his economic issues, like much of the other running candidates, he plans to increase after-tax income. He, also, wants to encourage small business owners by decreasing useless regulation given by the government; this will then increase small businesses as well as job opportunities for Americans. The dollar, according to Cruz, is very unstable at this moment; he wants to stabilize it to help American consumers as well as exporters without having inequality coming from both sides of the free-market. When it comes to his foreign policy, he is very straightforward: stop ISIS and get rid of the Iran Deal that prevents them from getting their hands on nuclear weapons, as Cruz blatantly believes that Iran will not keep their end of the deal due to their history with international deals such as these. His plans will help decrease terrorist attacks in both the U.S as well as allied countries, and, therefore, keep the well-deserved peace within our borders.

With all of these presidential candidates presenting their main goals for their years in the White House, it is now our turn to do our research and vote for the candidate that represents our ideas and morals. Don’t be a follower and vote for the popular candidate; take the initiative, become informed, and get out there and vote!





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