Valencia College, Lake Nona Campus

“Unrequited” & “Here” – Poems


The hottest flames could not compare.

Even the sun,

in all its radiance

was like a single sputtering candle.

But my vulnerable heart was blinded

by an intense, yet innocent desire.

To want,

and be wanted in return.

I pleaded for my heart’s sake,

crying out to you.

Am I not enough?

Is my love not sufficient?

But your ears and heart

were closed to my plea.

You turned away from my outstretched arms

without as much as a backwards glance.

You left me broken

with a love unrequited.

The fires of my soul burned out painfully slow,

leaving nothing but cold, dead ashes.



Trembling, I squeeze my eyes shut.

My lungs shudder and gasp.

They burn within my body as if set aflame.

My exposed back scrapes against the porous wall.

I gather my knees to my chest.

I dare not open my eyes for fear of the surrounding night.

Its weight threatens to crush my fragile frame.

Who knows what lurks in the depths of its murky shadows.

Vile creatures, born of the darkness.

They feast upon the raw terror that inhabits the souls of those unfortunate enough to end up here.

But where is “here”?

I open my eyes.

Groping wildly at my unseen enemy, I fight for air.

Its fingers are slender, its grip is fierce

It clenches its icy hands around my neck.

I feel my body starting to drift off into oblivion.

My heartbeat slows

My mind and body become still.

In that moment, I come to a frightening revelation.


I am the darkness.