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“Clintons Do Not Enter” – Why the Clinton Family Should Not be Allowed Back in the White House

Hillary and Bill Clinton were in the White House for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who has been doing well in multiple states and won most of the twelve states that were a part of “Super Tuesday.” Although this is true, I feel that they cannot be trusted. As an American, people need to realize that they are not the family that most are blindly falling for.

In a few recent interviews from multiple sources, Linda Tripp has been at the forefront of exposing the Clinton administration when Bill was President from the early 1990s to the end of the millennium. She was the person who exposed Bill Clinton and his affair with Monica Lewinsky by submitting recorded phone conversations between the two, which started the impeachment process. According to Ms. Tripp, Bill has also had affairs with hundreds of other women in the West Wing of the White House due to an unnamed source who was a victim of the abuse. It was common knowledge amongst the workers, but no one dared to speak up. Hillary was also known to be aware of the each affair but opted to stay silent. As a 70-year-old man in the White House again, who knows what trouble the female staff will be in.

Linda Tripp has also been adamant about keeping Hillary out of the White House for many years, but in most recent years, Hillary has continued to hide facts from the American people. While she was Secretary of State during the first few years of Obama’s term in office, she was known for being responsible for the 2012 Benghazi attacks and the murder of a US Ambassador. According to multiple reports, she and President Obama knew about a planned attack in Libya by Al-Qaeda like terrorists, but she insisted that it was due to a viral video. Hillary even went on to tell the families of the victims the blatant lie. Evidence in January from the masses of emails, which were illegally kept hidden from the public, show Hillary contacting her daughter, the same day, within forty minutes of the attack, saying that the attack was a direct, coordinated assault by a terrorist organization. In late 2015, she sat before the House Committee where she had to confess about the emails and how she lied to the American people to downplay the threat and work for re-election.

These are just a few examples of how Hillary has continuously lied to the people of this country, and she will continue to do so if she is elected into office. There will be very little that can stop either her or her husband.


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