Valencia College, Lake Nona Campus

Two Flashes by Jessie Esh

The following two flash fictions were written and submitted by Lake Nona Campus student, Jessie Esh:


“My name’s Annie,” she said assuredly as she turned to walk back deeper into the tunnel’s depths. “Pleasure to meet you.” He mumbled under his breath as he followed after her, his boots scuffing the damp floor. “It should be,” she replied flippantly over her shoulder, “It’s a privilege denied to many.”


To Science

Raising her chin defiantly, Stella licked the blood that had begun to trickle from her split bottom lip. “If I die tonight,” she chuckled dryly “donate my body to science.” Shooting her captor a mischievous wink, she added cheekily, “Except my middle finger, that gets saved for you, darling.”



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