Valencia College, Lake Nona Campus

Two Poems by Jessie Esh

The following two poems were written and submitted by Lake Nona Campus student, Jessie Esh:

(Above above photo by the author, as well)

Your Heart

The sound of your breathing,
soft & slowed by sleep.
The rise and fall of your chest,
keeping time
with the steady drumming
of your heart.

That is my favorite lullaby.



I would rather sleep.

When thoughts
& feelings overwhelm,
& it seems like unconsciousness
is the only reprieve
from the constant pain
of remembrance.

I would rather wade
into the welcoming waters
of slumber.

I would rather slip
beneath the rippling surface.

I would rather sink
into its dark depths.

I would rather float

To drift
through silent darkness
in a deep,
dreamless state.

I would rather sleep.

Sleep is the only way I can numb the pain anymore.




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