Valencia College, Lake Nona Campus

“Painted Girls”: A Poem by Yasmin Descartes

The following poem was written by Lake Nona Campus student Yasmin Descartes.

Painted Girls

In a parallel universe, we would be oil painted muses

immortalized by household tales and sold out shows.

We would enter stage right and exit left.

To often we’d forget that we are just like everyone else,

composed of skin and bones.

Roars of admiration would erupt from sizzling darkness.

We deciphered movements instructed by a foreign language we never spoke.

Some say we had precision. To others, a sharpness.

Instead, we walked away from pink tights and hierarchy since

I had a diploma

and you wore long sleeves in the summertime.

I had a scholarship to an out of state college

while mixed drinks at parties made you out of tune with your internal rhyme.