Valencia College, Lake Nona Campus

A Photograph by Lexie Holton

The following photography was submitted by Lake Nona Campus student, Lexie Holton, otherwise known as Lexie Lightstruck in her photography business.

We asked Lexie what got her into photography. She told us, “What got me into Photography was an old friend of mine, her mother needed assistance photographing an event and her original assistant photographer couldn’t make it to help her. She asked me since, well, I really don’t know why. But she did and I accepted to help back in 2011. I thought how lame it’s going to be and I was also nervous as I was antisocial.  I had to go up to groups of people networking and ask if they would like a group photo together. I took the shot of the group and one of the women asked to see the picture and I showed her. Her excitement made me excited as she loved the photo, that’s when the whole group was hovering over my shoulder to view it and they said the same! I fell in love with the camera and began to enjoy it even more when I learned the craft. Ever since then, whenever I have a camera in my hands, I feel like a boss. I have owned my own LLC known as Lightstruck Photographer since I was twelve years old.”

About this particular piece of a mother-to-be in an open field, Lexie said, “I adore the way it looks as she is strong and you can feel the empowerment within the photo.”

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You can check out more of Lexie’s work on Instagram: @LightstruckPhotography.